Gold Burrough Mine Prospector


Starting as a prospector, Ahmid made a small fortune in Gold and rose to power as a metal merchant. His fortunes are beyond even that of some Dukes but his lack of noble lineage limits his sway in the political arena. Ahmid controls almost all of the mining exports for Dragon’s gate and was closely associated with Count Godrik. He even acted as a financial adviser until Godrik passed his title to his successor Count Fredrick. Ahmid was well known as a long standing supporter of the peace between the Elves and Humans; this was considered primarily for the great work pool that half elves offer because of their attempts to escape the racial tension of their heritage.

Mostly Ahmid is a lone standing economic power who extorts trade across Kolm. he is also president of the Miners Association and maintains a strong workers union. Primarily he is known for generating income and jobs for those of the lower classes. He has many ties across the Nobles due to his control on the metal markets.



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