Cathar Amalric



Venator Amalric stands 6"6 and bears brass coloured armour and weapons. He is clad in heavy full plate with a tower shield and maul. The conspicuous and ferverous methods employed by Cathar Amalric have made him the most, and only well known venator of Kolm. Cathar earned the nickname ‘The Hammer’ after murdering the personal guard of the Duke of Dullhem who tried to save the Duchess from her execution for heresy. Venator Amalric dispatched of the guards without the need for weapons, ending the life of the Duchess with his iconic maul. Duke Orland of Dullhem brought Cathar to trial over the murder of innocents. Cathar claimed the Dukes sympathies to those who slowed the process of justice was unrighteous and that the trial was a personal attack on him for executing Duchess Orland. Mid trial, Cathar openly accused Duke Orland of aiding heretics by wasting his time. Amidst the trail Cathar drew his maul and destroyed the courts attendants smashing his way out of the Dukes citedal whilst dragging Orland behind him. The citedal was brought down and the duke burnt at the stake as an example for all those who would stand between the Order of Venator Peregrinus and their prey.

Cathar is the elected Venator for the Inquisition of Dragon’s Gate at the request of High Inquisitor Morzov.


Cathar Amalric

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