The Grey Duke


Darcel is an ominous being shrouded with legend and intrigue, Those on the Grey Council willingly support his actions for a variety of reasons, most, purely to avoid expulsion from the Grey Cloaks. Darcel runs the council with absolution, members are free to act with their own interests and as such he has little opposition when the vote comes around to reelect him. There is almost no interference within the council by Darcel, so long as members produce acceptable results and show no opposition to the Kaiser or himself. Such opposition is always met with hasty calls to remove members from the council or, more commonly, executions for heresy and efforts to depose the crown.

His political roots run deep into the Noble houses who offer him council members and favors for tax exemptions and oversights to suspicious activities. He is openly corrupt but presents a campaign that is lucrative to all those involved. His generosity maintains his position as the Grey Duke and leaves little room for competition.



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