Duke Jerard

Duke of Selvanegra


Jerard Montague, Duke of Selvanegra.

Selvengra is a coastal Province to the South-East of Kolm.

Mostly Harmless.

Duke Jerard it the unofficial head of the Kolmaanites, A regional religion based almost solely in Selvanegra, Dedicated to the worship of Kolm’s descendants and chosen followers. His upstanding call to unity has been a boon to the community, greatly reducing interracial conflict within Selvanegra.

Duke Jerard’s long term amiable negotiations with the Autumn guild have turned Selvanegra’s vast native forests into a growth industry. Creating long term economic stability and job security for all it’s citizens.

The Duke’s ‘soft borders’ policies have allowed for much trade with outsiders along the four boundary territories, as well as the port towns. Creating an atmosphere of welcome to foreigners, making them feel like family for their brief stay.

Jerard Montague was raised on his family estate in provincial Selvangra. as a youth he would play in it’s deep forests and many crevasses. Given his lineage of a “true descendant of Kolm” he was tutored in Kolm’s great mercy and wisdom. As a young man, He quickly rose to public admiration as a charismatic and well reasoned orator and was well known as a prominent theologian and philosopher. He married a young debutant and had three beautiful young children before she died under tragic circumstance. Shortly after his father also passed away and Jerard took over his duties and estates, which have since flourished under his gentle yet attentive hand.

Duke Jerard

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