Sven Orik



Slayer Sven is man of many deeds. The most well known of which was catching a loose Dragon at a feast held by the Kaiser. The Dragon had been caught and put on display so that all those in attendance could see the victory they were celebrating. The Dragon, a juvenile Black Dragon had slowly loosened its muzzle with its acidic breathe and escaped its restraints. He caught and strangled the Dragon to death with his hands. The Dragon died limp on the dinning room table in front of the attending nobles. Sven Pulled out his skinning knife and carved a steak for the Kaiser. It has since become a tradition to slay Dragons and eat them at feasts as an expression of power and courage.

Sven’s past is not well known and even his birth place is of question to those who have glimpsed at him. Standing just over 7ft tall most assume he is Telban. Those that question him or mention his abnormal height have rarely escaped his ferocious temper. Like most Imperial Army members he insists that he is Human and takes great offense to those that would say otherwise. Sven is one of the few slayers who is tactically inclined and manages his supplies without having to rely heavily on forcefully taking food and supplies from local residents.


Sven Orik

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