Thorland Kor



The house of Kor has ruled over Kolm through Thorland for over 40 years. He is an aged man who now sits at the edge of his mortality, soon to be overthrown by a new successor.

Thorland sought power through the battlefield and is an accomplished swordsman who actively strengthened the ties between the Imperium and the Imperial Army. He has great sway with the Imperial army at the detriment of other lords opinions. He has gained disdain for relaxing scrutiny into the rulings of Imperial army’s Imperium Imperatus Ultimatum judgements and allowing the Imperator to act more freely without bounds to nobles and the Grey Cloak’s bureaucrats. Although disfavor came with his rulings to aid the Imperial army, Thorland has had little need to thwart the political maneuvers of his subjects and has maintained a steady rule that has allowed the realm to flourish in stability.


Thorland Kor

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